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Just like people, dogs can suffer the same effects on their skin that people do. Treat your furry friend with the healing power of nature and let Bee Farmee offer the most pampered skin and fur of all. Formulated to specifically treat inflammation, itchy skin, and help heal and prevent hot spots, all while providing a naturally soft coat. 


We use only the purest of ingredients, including naturally healing raw honey. With the added hempseed oil, raw African shea butter, pure castile solid soap, and special blend of essential oils that naturally add moisture, provide relief and healing, and deodorize to prevent future issues, our 3-1 cleansing shampoo will cleanse, treat & heal, and naturally condition your dog's skin and coat. 


1.5 fl. oz.

Ruff Relief Itch and Hotspot Solid Shampoo Bar

SKU: 0684
  • pure castile, hempseed oil, raw African shea butter, raw honey, essential oil blend 

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