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Dealing with skin dryness, dullness, or other conditions such as eczema or dermatitis? Adding our perfectly blended clay mask into your routine can help combat all these problems and more, and can help to restore your skin to a fully nourished and rejuvenated glow.

For best results follow with Bee Farmee's Rose Toner and Whipped Shea. 


2.65 oz.

Nourish & Rejuvenate Clay Mask

  • Simply combine our mixture with the provided honey and dash of water to make a natural, powerful mask suitable for all skin types. 

    As the mask dries, the clay mixture will draw out excess oil, makeup, grime, and build-up, and lightly exfoliate the skin while minimizing pore size, leaving you with smooth skin and natural glow.

  • bentonite clay, calcium carbonate, non-GMO birch xylitol, magnesium citrate, equisetum arvense, baking soda, salt, vanilla powder, essential oils 

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