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Introducing Bee Farmee's newly formulated Hemp and Honey cleansing bar! This mighty facial round is made in its purest state, minimally processed, made with plant-based castile soap, and infused with our refreshing blend of ylang ylang and mint essential oils. Our cleansing facial round features our signature infusion of hemp and honey, and is sure to calm, clean, and moisturize. Bee Farmee's cleaning bar is so pure, gentle, and healing it can be used for face, hands, and body. In fact, honey is known to be a natural and effective treatment for acne, hemp calms redness and dryness, and all the ingredients work together to cleanse, moisturize, and even skin tone. Perfect for sensitive skin and all skin types. 


1.5 fl. oz.

Hemp & Honey Facial Round

SKU: 01116
  • plant-based castile soap,  ylang ylang and essential oils

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