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Breathe Easy with Bee Farmee's Allergy & Congestion Relief Ointment. Perfectly blended with our beeswax and signature moisturizing, all-natural ingredients, this creamy remedy glides on smoothly and acts as a barrier to external allergens. The real secret, however, is in our essential oil blend. Each essential oil in Breathe Easy serves a specific purpose, including combating outside allergens, boosting your internal immune system, relieving allergy symptoms, and clearing sinuses. 

Breathe Easy

SKU: 00223
  • To effectively relieve allergies and congestion, massage into the following areas: temples, behind ears, base of head and neck, major pulse points, and under the nose. Some have noted that applying to the feet and chest is also beneficial.  The essential oil blend used in our ointment are known to holistically treat hay fever, clear congestion, and promote an overall healthy immune system. 

    Do not use near the eyes.  

  • organic coconut oil, raw african shea butter, pure beeswax, essential oils

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