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Bee Farmee's 2 oz lemongrass infused lotion bar is sure to make you smile. With all the benefits of our lotion base and its added essential oil, your skin will experience moisture like never before. Lemongrass is a known mood-booster and pain reliever. Our Bee Happy lotion bar is great for everyday moisturizing or can be used as a spot treatment for pain and inflammation (Just rub on the temples for headaches!). Our lotion bars are all-natural, so a little goes a long way! Just place your bar in a cool, dry area, swipe a small amount as needed, and enjoy! 

Bee Happy Beeswax Lotion Bar

SKU:  0111
  • Apply the beeswax lotion bar directly to either wet or dry skin. Your body's natural temperature will soften the ingredients upon application and re-harden when stored. There is no wrong way to apply, though customers have noted preferred methods; either applying directly to the skin, emulsifying hands with the lotion and then applying from the hands, or pinching off a small amount from the bar to apply. 

  • Ingredients: pure beeswax, raw african shea butter, organic coconut oil, essential oils

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