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Add a touch of natural hue to your lips and fully nourish them with Bee Farmee's newest lip care addition! Our Let it Beet lip stain is 100% natural using a pure and organic beetroot and Manjishtha powders. Both are known to naturally nourish AND plump the skin on contact. We've added pure, sweet essential oils known to also plump and hydrate skin naturally. Add a subtle pink hue with each application and a gradual beautiful stain over time. 


Our 1 oz lip stains are even 100% fully compostable! Just toss the cardboard applicator when you're ready for your new Let it Beet! 

All-Natural Lip Stain

  • pure coconut oil, raw african shea butter, pure beeswax, rosehip oil, organic beetroot and manjishtha powders, essential oils 

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