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  • Is everything Bee Farmee makes natural?
    Bee Farmee thrives to curate ingredients that are naturally and sustainably derived. You can trust that we thoughtfully choose ingredients that are natural and pure. If every you have questions about specific product ingredients, please reach out directly to us
  • Do your products melt?
    Bee Farmee products are 100% natural and derived from natural oils and beeswax. Most products have a 98* degree melting temperature. Bee Farmee products should be stored at room temperature. We seasonally send reminders via email at the beginning of summer to remind customers to remove lip balms and lotions for their cars ;)
  • How do you ship product?
    Due to the melting temperature of the summer, Bee Farmee ships products with ice packs and reflective packaging. Otherwise, all shipments are packed with recycled materials to help reduce our carbon footprint.
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