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Our mission is to provide a pure product we believe in

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Carrie Beth Winfield founded Bee Farmee after moving to the Winfield homestead in 2019. She was inspired by their excess of natural resources and love for beekeeping with her husband Ash.

       "Working alongside the best partner a gal could ask for, Ash and I are a duo of fierce passion for everything sustainable. Together we serve our community at our year-round indoor farmers market while serving our local Bee Farmee customers inside our Bee Farmee Headquarters located inside Farm Hippie Farmers Market. I have always held a strong desire to preserve our natural world AND promote a healthier mindset when it comes to our bodies. My master certification in herbalism and desire to always learn and experiment more with what nature provides allows me to provide the best for our customers while offering a wholesome product we  can all feel good about." 

What started as a single product in 2019 has now expanded to a full line of nearly 70 naturally derived and lovingly handcrafted items by the creator and founder of Bee Farmee. 

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